About The Owner


Kat started her career path as a fine artist in her teens, and received numerous awards. She later went on to study Graphic Design, minoring in Photography, and taking classes in Web Design, Video, and Illustration. She has a bachelor’s degree from Massachusetts College of Art & Design.

At the tail end of college, she worked at a small advertising agency where she worked on print and digital design projects, and shot product photography. Next she went on to work for Spartan Race, Inc. as their Art Director, managing the creative and photography departments, reporting to the VP of Brand. 

She left her full time job and started Red Eye Media, LLC in January of 2016, keeping Spartan Race, Inc. as a client, so she could work with more clients and incorporate more diverse projects. She enjoys all creative projects, but is especially interested in branding & identity, apparel, brand guidelines, print & digital campaign advertising, and directing creative video and photography initiatives. 


You can view some of her design projects, fine art, and photography below.